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Great Progress in Spite of Lockdown

Last summer, we'd invited people with a passion for evangelisation, as well as some experience or qualification, to apply to join our first Evangeliser Panel. We were very encouraged by the high number and quality of the applications we received. It meant we had a big challenge on our hands to pick a small team to begin and we had to leave out some very talented people, at least for the moment.

First Faith on Fire Catechist Panel

We are very excited to say that we have now put together our first Faith on Fire Panel of Catechists / Evangelisers: an amazing group of people from around Ireland, full of passion for the faith and passion for sharing that faith with others.

Next Steps:

As soon as we are safely able to do so, we will bring the panel together to begin the faith support days for the panel that are a key element of the Faith on Fire model: if we want to share our faith with others, we need to constantly fan the flame of our own relationship with Christ and we'll be offering regular formation days for our panel. We had hoped to begin this stage already and like so many of you, we are looking forward to the end of lockdown and to meeting everyone in person to move forward on this shared mission.

Working with Parishes

We will also begin reaching out to parishes who may wish to work with us during this pilot phase of Faith on Fire. If you are interested in hearing more about any of this, click below to our mailing list and we'll update you every so often (but not TOO often) as we progress on this exciting new initiative.


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