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Our Catechists

Passionate about the Faith, Passionate about Sharing it with Others!

The call for applications to the first Faith on Fire Catechist Panel asked for people who are "passionate about the faith and passionate about sharing it with others", and that's exactly

how we'd describe the group that gathered in Dublin in October 2021.


Each of our catechists embodies the 'positive orthodoxy' that is one of the defining characteristics of Faith on Fire. In Christ, truth and love are inseparable and our catechists all share the desire to bring the joy, truth and knowledge of Christ to everyone they meet. 

Experienced Evangelisers

Our call for applications also asked for people who already have experience or qualifications in an area related to evangelisation or catechesis. Rather than training catechists from scratch, Faith on Fire gathers together and offers ongoing support, formation and accompaniment to people who already have qualifications or experience, and are ready to share their gifts more widely.

Our catechists have qualifications in theology or catechesis ranging from certificate to post-graduate studies and / or hands-on experience delivering adult or youth faith formation. Many of our catechists also benefit from skills acquired through other professional or pastoral experience.

Ongoing Formation

Ongoing formation for our catechists is an essential element of the Faith on Fire model. Our regular 'Catechist Formation Days' are an integral part of our mission, to keep the fire of our own faith burning brightly. We gather together every few months to learn, pray, share experience, eat and laugh together.  Centred around prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist, our catechist formation days include theological formation, workshops on

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pedagogy, methodology and on faith formation programmes, as well as opportunities for our catechists to share their own insights and wisdom, built up over many years. ​These formation days offer solidarity, spiritual and intellectual support and a chance to grow in practical, human and pedagogical skills.

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