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How We Can Help Your Parish

Faith on Fire has a panel of passionate catechists supported by the Faith on Fire team and available to parishes in their surrounding areas to provide engaging and kerygmatic parish-based adult faith formation. We have a particular focus on supporting the faith formation of parents, as well as of those active in the parish, and the whole adult parish community. We offer a flexible and affordable way of ensuring ongoing good quality adult faith formation in your parish. 

  • Contact us:

    • to check if we have a Faith on Fire catechist in your area;

    • for more information on the adult faith formation programmes we offer;

    • for details of the costs involved;

    • to set up an initial meeting with your parish team.

  • You can also download our information sheet for parishes - just click anywhere on the image below: 

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Team Approach

Faith on Fire uses a team approach: the initial contact and the ongoing communication with your parish is through the Faith on Fire team which includes your locally based catechist(s). While our catechists go out to parishes singly or in pairs, they do so as part of the Faith on Fire team, and are supported at every stage by that team.

This means your parish benefits not only from the gifts of the Faith on Fire catechist(s) in your area, but from the wisdom and experience of the whole Faith on Fire team.

After initial contact, we usually suggest two meetings with your parish team, the first, to share information, outline costs, and decide a pathway that best meets the needs of your parish, and the second for planning and preparation specific to the particular programme we'll be using on that occasion.

We can help your parish identify priorities, chose which faith formation programmes best suit your parish needs, and advise on promotion and other aspects of preparation, relationship-building, and follow-up for each adult faith programme. 

Faith on Fire has the support and back up of a small panel of theologians who help provide ongoing formation for our catechists, and are also available to us as expert support in responding to some of the deeper or more challenging questions that may arise in our work in parishes.

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