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What is Faith on Fire?

Supporting adult faith formation in your parish

Faith on Fire is a new initiative which will work with Catholic parishes across Ireland to help provide authentic, engaging, joy-filled adult faith formation, exploring the foundations of the faith at different levels. We have a particular focus on supporting the faith formation of parents, as well as those involved in parish ministry and of course, the whole adult parish community. Our mission is to help people grow in a loving and personal friendship with Christ.

Faith on Fire works in partnership with parish teams and offers a flexible and affordable way of providing vibrant and engaging adult faith formation, tailored to suit each parish’s needs and the characteristics of adult learners.

"We have a particular interest in supporting the faith formation

of parents."

Our catechists are supported by the Faith on Fire team, and use some of the best adult faith formation resources available. Contact us to find out more and to see if we have a catechist in your parish area.

We are currently in our pilot phase:  our first group of catechists will begin working with a small number of parishes during 2024 and we look forward to being available to more and more parishes in the coming years. 

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About Us

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